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  • Dogmen: Show Preview

    Get a sneak peak at the upcoming series Dogmen.

  • Nebraska Shed Find

    The Hunt Club Nebraska looks promising for next season with multiple big buck shed
    finds. With over 20 sheds found within a week, this property appears to be a major
    wintering area for Whitetails. December late season archery and muzzle loader could
    be the ticket to harvesting a monster buck.

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  • Phil Kozak with bow

    The Rule

    Take a look back at a global adventure in search of the ultimate trophy.

  • Wildlife Outdoor Productions Experiments With Food Plot Mixes

    The pro-staff at Wildlife Outdoor Productions has been experimenting with food plot mixes for the last 3 years. This particular Brassica plot was planted in the second week of July, smack in the middle of a drought. The seed mixture includes turnips, radishes along with many other fall and winter food supplies for deer.

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  • Phil Kozak with gator

    Wildlife Outdoor Productions On Location in Florida

    Wildlife OP on location filming the Dogmen series in Florida. The Florida Dogmen team specializes in Feral Hog Control and raises multiple dog breeds to hunt down these problem animals for relocation.

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Whats New

2017 Membership Drive

The 2017 Hunt Club Membership drive will start January 2nd. The Club is looking for a few more members who are serious about managing and harvesting mature trophy class animals.
The Clubs one fee membership allows full season access to all their properties that are strategically located in well known trophy animal producing areas.

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Colorado Elk Hunt

Our new 15,000 acre Colorado ranch, located just outside of Oak Creek and about 20 minutes from Steamboat, proved to be infested with Elk. The property is nestled in the famous Colorado unit 15, known for its high concentration of Elk herds.

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Nebraska Proves to be a Big Buck State

Our 8,000 acre Nebraska ranch has proven to be a breeding ground for big bucks. Back in 2012-2013 Nebraska estimated they lost up to 80% of their deer herd to an EHD outbreak that devastated the Whitetail and Mule Deer population. Since then the deer herds have been on the rebound with great results.

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The Hunt Club Nebraska

The Hunt Club division has secured an 8,000 acre tract of premier hunting grounds that is rich in Mule Deer, Whitetails and Antelope. This 12 square mile tract of land is the first of many properties on the hit list in the US.

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Trophy Nebraska Property

Our 8,000 acre ranch in Nebraska is looking to be a real honey hole for trophy bucks. We have plenty of trail cameras scattered through out the 12-1/2 mile tract of land located in the Sand Hills unit of North Central Nebraska.

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Wildife Outdoors gets Global Recognition

Wildlife Outdoor Productions has received global recognition from the travel industry by receiving International Air Transport Association, certification also known as IATA.

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