2018 Membership Drive

Wildop Staff

Last Updated: 12-Dec-2017 07:20 AM

The 2018 Hunt Club Membership drive will start January 2nd. The Club is looking for members who are serious about managing and harvesting mature trophy class animals.
The Clubs one fee membership allows full season access to all their properties that are strategically located in well known trophy animal producing areas.
The Hunt Club Nebraska 2016-17 seasons proved to be challenging to learn its 12 square miles of hunting grounds, but members overcame the hurdle with great success. Now that members have got a little "taste" of what this property's potential is, many members are eager to get back in the spring to scout out new locations for the 2018 hunting season.
The Hunt Club Nebraska has a large herd of Mule Deer, Whitetail, Antelope and plenty of Turkeys. Members are urged to come and hunt Turkey this season as the bag limits for Turkey are liberal and offer spring and fall seasons. Antelope is also plentiful with some really good bucks spotted this past season. The 2017 season has seen great strides in the mature Mule Deer buck populations. 2018 should prove to be an exception year for quality Mule Deer Bucks.

The Hunt Club is perfect for the hunter that has a flexible schedule or finds time at the last minute to go hunting. Anyone having interest or would like more details on the operation are urged to e-mail the Club at info@wildop.com. The initial $1000 in membership dues is due March 1st with the balance due by June 1st.