Happy Halloween

Halloween is the most exciting time of the year for hunters. It kicks off the beginning of rut in most central to northern areas of the US. This year, the New Moon falls right around November 7th, which will leave dark evening skies from November 4th -12th. This should give hunters good daytime full rut activity this season. The Wild Op Team has a few tips for you to consider. From the central US and north, the full rut "Lock Down" usually occurs from November 10th -18th and can vary a few days either way. This is the time of the year that a majority of the mature does become receptive. A good sign that Lock Down is happening in your area is the disappearance of bigger bucks and mature does, fawns by themselves and seeing only smaller bucks is another good sign that lock down may be in full swing. When this happens, start looking in areas you normally wouldn't think of hunting. Small thickets, hedgerows, CRP fields and open meadows, to name a few. Bucks usually want to push a receptive does off from the herd to avoid confrontations with other potential mates. It's a good idea to have a hard look at your surroundings and topo maps to help you pin point potential areas you normally wouldn't think of hunting, yet could be a great spot for one of the big boys to push a doe off to lock her down. You have to think outside the box and try new tactics, it's worked for the Wild Op Team, and we are sure it will work for you. Good Luck!