Hunt the Post Rut for Big Whitetails

It doesn't go without saying that Nebraska is one of those upcoming top secret spots for big Whitetails and Mule Deer. Our management program is going into it's forth year and appears to be very successful. We all enjoy hunting, but like the ole saying goes..."Let it go and Let it Grow", and that's been our philosophy. By passing the up and coming 2 to 4 year old bucks that are in the 140-160" range, and just taking mature 8 point management bucks or bucks over 170" plus, we are seeing our buck inventory getting bigger each season. The property is home to multiple 10 and 12 point bucks, and if they could reach that 5 -6 year old range, they should be absolute toads! Of course, like most trophy producing properties, we have a few good 170" plus bucks cruising the property that we always have our sights set on, but they are not big by being stupid. Hard to pattern and not being consistent seems to be part of their defense and adds to the difficulty to harvest these bruins. But they are there and we are always eager to move forward into the next season. With a new winter protein program in place, we are hoping to reduce the post rut stress on the herd and jump start horn growth. Anyone interested in becoming a member and hunting trophy bucks on the ranch can contact us at