Nebraska Officially Approves 2019 Hunting Dates

LINCOLN, Neb. – The Nebraska Game and Parks Commission approved recommendations for 2019 deer, antelope and elk hunting seasons at its meeting April 24 at Ponca State Park.

The most significant approved changes to Commission orders for big game include the season dates, especially the November Firearm season, which is a week later than usual.

Our prediction is the Firearm season will likely net a larger buck harvest as moving the firearm season to the 16th through 24 will put the rifle season after the primary rut and lock down period, making big bucks more active seeking unbred does. We have been studying the Nebraska rut in the Sand Hills area for 5 years and the disappearance of large mature buck has been right around November 10th through 15th which we associate  with the primary "lock down" during the first estrus period. After the 15th, each day produced more and more mature buck sightings during daylight, and even different bucks never recorded on trail cams prior to this time of year. This tells us that after the 15th of November, there is a large increase of mature bucks in the "seeking" stage of the rut. Our prediction is anyone hunting Nebraska during the firearm season this year should be in for some real good mature buck action. The revised dates are as follows:

Deer: Archery – Sept. 1-Dec. 31; November Firearm – Nov. 16-24; Muzzleloader – Dec. 1-31; Statewide Buck – Nov. 16-24; Mule Deer Conservation Area – Nov. 16-24, Dec. 1-31; Season Choice Antlerless – Sept. 1-Jan. 15, 2020; River Antlerless Private Land – Sept. 1-Jan. 15, 2020; Youth – Sept. 1-Jan. 15, 2020; Landowner – Sept. 1-Jan. 15, 2020; Statewide Whitetail Buck – Sept. 1-Dec. 31

Antelope: Archery – Aug. 20-Dec. 31; Muzzleloader – Sept. 21-Oct. 6; October Firearm – Oct. 12-27; Late Doe/Fawn – Nov. 1-Jan. 31, 2020

Elk: Archery Bull – Sept. 1-Oct. 31; Firearm Bull – Sept. 21-Oct. 31; Early Antlerless – Aug. 15-Oct. 31; Late Antlerless – Dec. 1-Jan. 15, 2020

For more information of details on other changes please visit the link below: