The Hunt Club Nebraska

Last Updated: 09-Dec-2017 11:42 PM

The Hunt Club division has secured an 8,000 acre tract of premier hunting grounds that is rich in Mule Deer, Whitetails and Antelope. This 12 square mile tract of land is the first of many properties on the hit list in the US. What is unique about this property, is that it has 50 square miles of public hunting grounds adjoining the one side making this piece 62 square miles of hunting grounds. The Mission: To provide high quality hunting grounds in multiple states for one low price. Our property focus is Nebraska, Kansas, Indiana, Ohio, Missouri, Colorado, New Mexico, Montana, Wyoming, Idaho, Kentucky, Illinois and any other state that may have a unique opportunity of properties that are capable of growing and retaining trophy class animals. We prefer larger tracts of land, but depending on the state and area, we would consider multiple smaller pieces. The Plan: Our plans are to secure properties either by purchase or by long term lease. Each state will have a dedicated "Land Manager" that would be paid an annual retainer by the club to scout, set stands & trail cameras and co-ordinate strategic food plots plantings where applicable. In most cases, the Land Manager is either the property owner, ranch hand or local who knows the grounds. The Land Manager will also be available to members, as a guide, for a low daily fee. This will allow members to experience each property, without having to waste valuable time in scouting, and begin hunting immediately upon arrival. The Land Manager will also ensure there is not too many members on the premises at one time. The Future: As the membership grows, members who get in on the "ground floor" will have an advantage over future members, as the new members in 2018 and beyond will be subject to a one time initiation fee, as well as the annual membership fee, as new members will benefit more from our property enhancements. The Investment: Consider this as an investment. With what we have in store for the future, your current membership can grow considerably in value. As initiation fees will the value of your membership. Benefits: Since the US Hunt Club is a subsidiary of Wildlife Outdoors, a registered Travel Agent, we can provide members with Travel discounts for airfare, lodging and vehicle rentals. Members will also be covered under our liability insurance policy and have access to trip cancellation insurance. Future plans are to offer low cost accidental life insurance to protect your family in the event of a tragic unexpected accident. What we are doing now: The Hunt Club membership drive is on and anyone interested in being able to access multiple premium hunting properties are urges to contact the folks at Wildlife Outdoor Productions at We have all of our contacts through out the US on high alert for these type of hunting grounds. We are currently considering large parcels in Illinois, South Dakota and Kentucky. If you know of any great hunting grounds that could be the next sleeper spot, please let us know. Currently for only $5,175.00 a year, you can experience premium hunting grounds that have not been over hunted, have quality game, and will only get better over time. Interested? Don't delay contact us today!