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2017 Membership Drive

The 2017 Hunt Club Membership drive will start January 2nd. The Club is looking for a few more members who are serious about managing and harvesting mature trophy class animals.
The Clubs one fee membership allows full season access to all their properties that are strategically located in well known trophy animal producing areas.

A Successful Hunt At Our BC Lodge

Hunt Club clients George Rude & Jeff Cianfrocca of New Jersey had a successful hunt, at our lodge in South Western British Columbia. George & Jeff hunted the third week of September and found themselves covered up in good bulls. Our guiding territory runs 17 square miles and starts at the Washington state border and runs north up into BC Canada. We have a super healthy Elk herd as you can see by the antler mass on these Bull Elk.

Chama New Mexico Openings for Elk

The Hunt Club still has some openings for Rifle or Bow hunts in the famous Chama New Mexico area for trophy Elk. This is one of the few trophy Elks hunts offered at a bargain price for under $6,500.00. If you are looking for a trophy bull Elk, then this very well may be the place you've been looking for. The ranch is nestled in the higher elevations and is a favorite wintering place for Elk. The Elk season runs through December. For more information e-mail the team at

Colorado Draw Closes Today April 5th

Colorado draw closes today April 5th 2016. Although some areas of Colorado are "over the counter" for Elk, Colorado has some great opportunities for color phased black bears and Mule Deer. If you are thinking of Colorado for Mule Deer in the future, at least get a point to increase your odds in the draw.
Our 7,000 acre ranch just outside of Steamboat Springs is an over the counter tag unit for Elk, so if your thinking of an archery, muzzle loader or even rifle for Elk in 2016, we can absolutely accommodate you and your buddies.

Colorado Elk Camp Looks to be Promising

Our 15,000 acre Colorado Ranch is located just outside of Steamboat Springs. We have trail cameras set up on known travel routes and watering holes and here is just one of hundreds of cool photos we've been getting. Our new property looks like is will be a winner with our Hunt Club clients this season! Our first two hunters tagged out on the first day of their hunt. The Hunt Club is offering high quality Elk, Mule Deer and Black Bear hunts in Colorado at below market prices. Check out what the Hunt Club has to offer at

Colorado Elk Hunt

Our new 15,000 acre Colorado ranch, located just outside of Oak Creek and about 20 minutes from Steamboat, proved to be infested with Elk. The property is nestled in the famous Colorado unit 15, known for its high concentration of Elk herds.

Field Producers in Iowa

Field Producer Ben Helwig and Cameraman Joey "Bass" are laying down some awesome close up footage of Iowa giants. The rut is in full swing and the Wild OP Pro Staff is right in middle of the action. This is Ben Helwig's first time in front of the camera in Iowa with his first drawn Iowa bow tag. The Team has been battling harsh weather conditions including unusual amounts of rain for this time of year.

Iowa Archery Season Opens

October 1st sparks the opening of the anticipated Iowa archery season. In 2013 it didn't take our good friend, Chip Hughes, long to fill his Iowa tag. This impressive 160" class whitetail walked into Chip's sites at 10 yards on the first day of his hunt. For non residents, getting an archery tag is a long awaited dream with archery permits taking up to 4 years to draw. Iowa holds some of the best managed and mature whitetail populations in the world.

Iowa Draw Opens May 2016

Nonresidents may apply for a 2016 Iowa deer hunting license beginning 6 a.m. CST on Saturday, May 7th. The application period runs through midnight on Sunday, June 5th, 2016. Applicants are encouraged to visit Iowa’s nonresident hunting page to view the application guide, season dates, zone map, drawing statistics and pricing information before submitting their application.

Kansas Draw Opened April 2016

Kansas is a great state for hunting big mature whitetails. Our hunting grounds cover units 5, 6, 15 & 16 and are located about an hour west of Wichita Kansas. You have the entire month of April to apply and your chances are 99% on drawing a tag.

Nebraska Proves to be a Big Buck State

Our 8,000 acre Nebraska ranch has proven to be a breeding ground for big bucks. Back in 2012-2013 Nebraska estimated they lost up to 80% of their deer herd to an EHD outbreak that devastated the Whitetail and Mule Deer population. Since then the deer herds have been on the rebound with great results.

Nebraska Spring Turkey Permits Now Available

Spring turkey hunting permits are available from the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission.
Nebraska offers the best turkey hunting opportunities in the entire country. Nebraska offers birds in every county of the state, including the highly-sought-after Merriam’s in some areas.

New Mexico-New 2017-2018 hunting rules and information booklet available

SANTA FE, NEW MEXICO – Rules and information about applying for 2017-2018 hunting licenses are now available online at

The Hunt Club Nebraska

The Hunt Club division has secured an 8,000 acre tract of premier hunting grounds that is rich in Mule Deer, Whitetails and Antelope. This 12 square mile tract of land is the first of many properties on the hit list in the US.

The Legend of the Moore Haven Monster

Imagine hurling through the darkness at 30 to 40 mph, dodging bugs the size of birds, as you skip across the vegetation that peeks out of the shallow waters surface of the Florida Everglades. We did just that in September of 2012 as went in search of a local legend.

Trophy Nebraska Property

Our 8,000 acre ranch in Nebraska is looking to be a real honey hole for trophy bucks. We have plenty of trail cameras scattered through out the 12-1/2 mile tract of land located in the Sand Hills unit of North Central Nebraska.

Wildife Outdoors gets Global Recognition

Wildlife Outdoor Productions has received global recognition from the travel industry by receiving International Air Transport Association, certification also known as IATA.

Wildop Experiments With Food Plot Mixes

The pro-staff at Wildlife Outdoor Productions has been experimenting with food plot mixes for the last 3 years. This particular Brassica plot was planted in the second week of July, smack in the middle of a drought.

Wildop Films In Land of Oz

The Wildlife OP Film Crew is once again in the Land of OZ. They are laying down all the b-roll film to to put a story together for a Kansas whitetail show. The team films street signs, landscapes, wildlife, culture and time lapses as shown here. Kansas always yields great photography and awesome film shots due the the flatness of the land. The skies continually burst with colors and clouds that make interesting and captivating film for viewers.

Wildop New Member Only Hunt Club

Wild OP is proud to launch it's members only Hunt Club site designed exclusively for the entrepreneur with limited time in mind. The site offers exclusive high quality outdoor travel destinations including limited partnerships in land ownership with returns on investment.

Wildop on Location in Florida

Wildlife OP on location filming the Dogmen series in Florida. The Florida Dogmen team specializes in Feral Hog Control and raises multiple dog breeds to hunt down these problem animals for relocation.
While on location shooting for the new TV series the "dogmen", TV Show Producer Phil Kozak gets to take some time off to do some gator hunting. Phil also harvested a 12' 4" gator in the swamps off Moore Haven. Florida with his bow with Justin Guerry, the famed Florida Gator man!

Wildop on Location in Iowa

An outdoor reality series that follows dog handlers and their meticulously trained dogs that are bred for tracking problem predators such as hogs, bear, cougar & coyotes. Follow all the teams as they help balance the eco system and provide relief to those who are effected by the over population.

Wildop Teams Up With Roush Performance

WildOP Media Group has combined forces with Roush Performance to produce unique social media and TV commercial spots for Roush’s high performance Ford F150 pick up and Mustang. Roush manufactures high performance, street legal vehicles, with horsepower options at over 700 horse power. Several parts of the film was produced in Madison and Sparta,NJ.

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