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Wildop on Location in Florida

Wildlife OP on location filming the Dogmen series in Florida. The Florida Dogmen team specializes in Feral Hog Control and raises multiple dog breeds to hunt down these problem animals for relocation.
While on location shooting for the new TV series the "dogmen", TV Show Producer Phil Kozak gets to take some time off to do some gator hunting. Phil also harvested a 12' 4" gator in the swamps off Moore Haven. Florida with his bow with Justin Guerry, the famed Florida Gator man!

Wildop on Location in Iowa

An outdoor reality series that follows dog handlers and their meticulously trained dogs that are bred for tracking problem predators such as hogs, bear, cougar & coyotes. Follow all the teams as they help balance the eco system and provide relief to those who are effected by the over population.

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