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A recent 2017 study says there's a new optimal time to buy airline tickets...

A recent 2017 study by Expedia and the Airlines Reporting Corporation says there's a new optimal time to buy airline tickets. Travelers often swap theories on the right and wrong times to book a flight.

We've heard it all: The lowest fares are on Tuesdays at 3 p.m. ET. No, Wednesday at 1 a.m. is the best time to buy! You need to book at least two months before you fly. No, you should look for a deal and fly at the last minute! Websites like Kayak suggest when you should buy, or if you should wait, it's like we're all trading stocks
but in the end there's no guarantee. And according to George Hobica of AirfareWatchdog, "There is no secret time. You need to look four times a day minimum every day of the week, as far in advance as you can."

But the latest study by Expedia and the Airlines Reporting Corporation says that 2017 "could be a banner year for travelers taking to the skies," with a new ideal time to book. Based on billions (yes, billions) of passenger flights from January 1, 2016, through October 24, 2016, the study concluded that the best day to buy airline tickets is Sunday, especially if you're booking more than 21 days in advance. Weekends are generally a good time to buy, but not Fridays, since there's an uptick then in business travel bookings. Do this and you "can save more than 30 percent to Europe and 17 percent on travel domestically," says the study.
So, if you are planning a flight...remember 21 days in advance and Sunday. It may save you some extra cash!

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A Successful Hunt At Our BC Lodge

Hunt Club clients George Rude & Jeff Cianfrocca of New Jersey had a successful hunt, at our lodge in South Western British Columbia. George & Jeff hunted the third week of September and found themselves covered up in good bulls. Our guiding territory runs 17 square miles and starts at the Washington state border and runs north up into BC Canada. We have a super healthy Elk herd as you can see by the antler mass on these Bull Elk. Our BC Canada location offers a variety of hunts including Elk, Grizzly & Black Bear, Goat, Cougar, Mule Deer and Whitetail.

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Chama New Mexico Openings for Elk

The Hunt Club still has some openings for Rifle or Bow hunts in the famous Chama New Mexico area for trophy Elk. This is one of the few trophy Elks hunts offered at a bargain price for under $6,500.00. If you are looking for a trophy bull Elk, then this very well may be the place you've been looking for. The ranch is nestled in the higher elevations and is a favorite wintering place for Elk. The Elk season runs through December.

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Colorado Draw Closes Today April 5th

Colorado draw closes today April 5th 2016. Although some areas of Colorado are "over the counter" for Elk, Colorado has some great opportunities for color phased black bears and Mule Deer. If you are thinking of Colorado for Mule Deer in the future, at least get a point to increase your odds in the draw.
Our 7,000 acre ranch just outside of Steamboat Springs is an over the counter tag unit for Elk, so if your thinking of an archery, muzzle loader or even rifle for Elk in 2016, we can absolutely accommodate you and your buddies.

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Colorado Elk Camp Looks to be Promising

Our 15,000 acre Colorado Ranch is located just outside of Steamboat Springs. We have trail cameras set up on known travel routes and watering holes and here is just one of hundreds of cool photos we've been getting. Our new property looks like is will be a winner with our Hunt Club clients this season! Our first two hunters tagged out on the first day of their hunt. The Hunt Club is offering high quality Elk, Mule Deer and Black Bear hunts in Colorado at below market prices.

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Iowa Draw Opens May 2016


Nonresidents may apply for a 2016 Iowa deer hunting license beginning 6 a.m. CST on Saturday, May 7th. The application period runs through midnight on Sunday, June 5th, 2016. Applicants are encouraged to visit Iowa’s nonresident hunting page to view the application guide, season dates, zone map, drawing statistics and pricing information before submitting their application.
Hunters may apply online or by calling toll free at 1-800-367-1188. Application results will be available online at the first or second week in July.


Hunters who choose not to apply for a 2016 nonresident deer license are eligible to purchase a preference point to increase their odds in future drawings. Preference points are $50 each, plus application fees. Points are only sold during the May 7th-June 2nd application period and the limit is one point per hunter per year. If you have purchased preference points in the past, you can log into your online account to see the number of points on your record.
Remember, all of the Hunt Club properties are located in the famous VanBuren County Zone 6.


It takes an average of 3 points to draw an archery tag. So, you should draw a zone 6 archery tag every third year.
Your chances of drawing a shot gun or muzzle loader tag are better than 80% every year. Most members book a gun hunt first to get a feel of the properties and quality of game before banking points for an archery hunt. If you are hunting with a buddy or group, you can apply as such so that if one draws, you all draw and visa versa.
Good Luck!

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Kansas Draw Opened April 2016

Kansas is a great state for hunting big mature whitetails. Our hunting grounds cover units 5, 6, 15 & 16 and are located about an hour west of Wichita Kansas. You have the entire month of April to apply and your chances are 99% on drawing a tag. We have 2 weeks available in September for Muzzle Loader, our Archery hunts run from the end of October through November followed by the rifle season. Hunts start at only $3,000 for pre-rut archery.

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Wildife Outdoors gets Global Recognition

Wildlife Outdoor Productions has received global recognition from the travel industry by receiving International Air Transport Association, certification also known as IATA.
This certification is the only industry credential recognized worldwide by the travel agency community and industry suppliers. Suppliers include hotels, car rental, cruise lines, tourist attractions and much more.
This furthers our commitment and pledge, to providing only the highest quality of services to our clients, through our travel segment and Hunt Club members. Wildlife Outdoor Productions is proud to display our IATA achievement.

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